A Sobering day


I think things are getting on top of me a little.

Not something that’s easy for me, Mrs calm and capable, to admit.

I’m not sure why, my mum is pretty poorly but its something I have been preparing myself for, maybe I’m just under the weather. I’m not someone who does illness. I still went to work even though I think I probably just needed a day in bed to rest.

I went to see a counsellor today. First time I’ve ever admitted I need someone’s help to get through this.

Giving her a quick run down of my life in last 15 years she quickly picked up on how many losses I had had.  and one of them was Faith, and I must admit at the moment I feel I have lost my son, but I do still get glimpses of him and that is what keeps me going.

The new tablets are working in that he is only drinking a limited amount, but he is drinking every day and that is no result really. He seems very down, I think we both are at the moment.

I can’t see a light at the moment

Mojo has gone a little tonight, now doubt it will be back in the morning,


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