My heart ♥ is in your hands

I lie awake in the debths of night

A pain as raw as the pain I felt when I gave birth to you

Fills my body

My heart ♥ a weight so heavy in my chest

My heart ♥ as strong as a lions

Or as delicate as butterfly wings

I endure the pain

I have no choice

There is no pain relief that will take this pain away

I wait

You can continue to drink your alcohol, your pain relief, until the day

You break my fragile as a butterfly wings heart ♥

Or you can reach out to the many hands outstretched to you

And make my heart ♥ whole and strong again

My heart ♥ is in your hands

If only you knew


When I wake

lossWhen I wake

My first thoughts are of you

My darling, once football crazy

Strong and healthy, laughing and happy

With a gentle soul and striking good looks

Likeable and loveable, law abiding

Giving and loving,  witty and cheeky son

That was until that evil addiction took over your body and mind

Now I wake

I think of you

My frail, so so thin

Sick and sad

Bruised and broken

Tormented and jobless

Dependent and depressed

Battle scarred and brain crazy son

And my heart (u) feels heavy and broken

Addiction, a wicked taker of lives

I hate you for what you have taken from me and my son.

But hope and love will conquer you

Will take away your power

Will suppress you

With hope and love we will win this battle.

So as I wake and prepare for the day ahead

I already have my battle armour on and a sword in my hand

Another sword ready to hand to you when you are ready to take it.

I pray it’s soon.