Confusion and medication

Tonight I’m feeling tired and confused.Lost and Confused Signpost

And Faith is ill and confused.

I am still trying to arrange care and the right help for my mum, all so difficult when you are working full-time.

It was suggested by Faiths buddy that he came back here at the moment because she was concerned for his safety. I could just do without the extra worry at the moment. How I wish for a few weeks off from this.

Because he was told not to stop drinking he has taken them at their word! Now they are discussing that he maybe doesn’t need rehab. Well by the time they have made up their mind he doesn’t he will!! I am feeling pretty frustrated with it all at the moment.  And on top of it all THEY decide he should stay at my home!

Now he is saying he is confused and I believe him. He is going between being fine and having moments of real confusion. This on top of my mums confusion at the moment I am beginning to think I am going slightly mad.

All I can do tonight is tell him he is safe. I have a few (2 I think) tablets left from his last detox that I will give to help him through the night and so hopefully I can sleep. I know its wrong to give him medication but as I am having to deal with this on my own I feel I can do what I think is right.

Tomorrow I must talk to his buddy and tell her I can’t deal with him being back here like he is on my own.


3 thoughts on “Confusion and medication

    • Thanks Carole, I do try to get to Al anon meetings, I don’t get why there are so few compared to AA meetings when for every alcoholic there must be at least 2 people affected. I know about getting sick and stepping back, I have done it in the past, circumstances at the moment seem to have brought him back to me. I can see a time looming when I will have to do it again. 😦

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      • Thats great i hated the thought of u going through that alone. Thankyou for writing about it i had no comprehension of the pain i caused my parents untill i was sober and raising my own. I pray your son gets well.

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