His new name “Faith”


I’m not happy talking about my son without a name, so, I have decided from now on, he will be called “Faith”

When I got the call yesterday from the paramedic I was as I said in the supermarket. He said he would assess Faith and call me back. I did what I had to do and decided I would drive home past his flat, I drove around for a while, no sign of that ambulance. so I called him. He was in A & E, I am filled with a sense of relief. Tonight he is safe and I don’t need to deal with him. (Is that a bad feeling for a mum?)

He was apparently suffering a lot of pain in his back, possible kidney infection, he was placed on a drip and given a scan of his bladder.

I called him this morning, he seems much improved, I am guessing the drips he was on have just rehydrated him

Later in the morning he calls, he’s home.

I also receive a message from his buddy, she has looked into the rehab clinic that I have suggested could possibly help Faith and is supported by lottery funding. Yes I could be right, now fancy that!! She will investigate further, I keep my fingers crossed.

I need to leave work early today as my partner needs a diabetic check on his eyes and can’t drive with the eye drops. That’s two days this week I have had to take time out of work for appointments and it is only Tuesday.

When I have dropped him off I meet Faith, give him the prescriptions I picked up for him, he doesn’t look good, his eyes are puffy, has he been crying or is it just alcohol? He doesn’t want to hang around long, he needs his bed

Home. dinner, my blog and bed. Life is as full on as ever.


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