The Meeting


Well the meeting happened but without the two most important people, the addiction nurse who arranged the whole thing and then at the last-minute could not attend, and my son who was to poorly with withdrawal.

But lets not be negative, his GP was willing to give us her time and his buddy was there with the possibility of a new drug to help with the cravings as suggested by the absent addiction nurse. It was also the first time his dad had been involved in any discussions so that was a positive.

When we first met his buddy before seeing the doctor I asked about the possibility of rehab. I had mentioned it before and had got a rather negatives response and it was pretty much the same today, basically there is no funding.

I did find the meeting useful in that I could ask questions as my son wasn’t there without having the worry of him getting upset. some of the subjects we covered were –

  •  His panic attacks and how they could be helped   (He needs to be alcohol free  before he can have any medication)
  • The new medication that would possibly help with his cravings   (It turned out to not be new at all but we decided to give it a try)
  • My concerns over the possibility that he has developed Neuropathy (Just another symptom suffered by alcoholics that if he managed to abstain for a period of time would hopefully improve)
  • Prescriptions only being given in weekly doses due to the possibility of overdose

And then the GP asked what was the possibility of Rehab. She was told the same as me but she wasnt happy and said she had just had another patient accepted so there must be funds available. Buddy agreed to investigate and they would exchange details.

I discovered something else during the meeting which alarmed me a little. Apparently the main aim of his buddy is to keep him out of A & E and minimise doctor visits. As that means helping him find sobriety then that’s great. but she then showed me a plan that has been drawn up for when he calls an ambulance or is admitted to hospital. They will see a note saying unless they were particularly concerned he a had a medical emergency he does not need to go to A & E or if he does go he should not be admitted to a ward unless they thought again there was a medical emergency.

Now alarm bells are ringing rather loudly and also who is the person expected to pick up the bits that A & E are not going too? I can see even more trouble heading my way. Thank goodness the GP also picked up on this and voiced her concerns, yes, when he is admitted he often does only need a drip and reassurance that he is OK, but he does need that. But I’m not sure how it was left, I’ve got real concerns about this now as if I needed anymore.

Another point I raised was that I had stepped back, as we are told to do at Al Anon, but once this new support was put in place they eagerly wanted me involved and ready to support him. I asked if my offers of a safe alcohol free bed was enabling him when he should really be sorting out his own sobriety.

She didn’t know, though she admitted it had gone through her mind when, one day, she had phoned me with the dilemma of leaving my son on the street in a very vulnerable state or taking him to a place of safety (my home) if I was willing to take him. I did at the time say that I pretty much did not have a choice and I know she felt my upset.

That pretty much summed up the meeting, I felt more concerned coming out than when I went in.

I went back to work, where have you been ” Oh just an appointment” Oh how I would love to tell the truth.

After work I went to the supermarket to pick up my sons prescription. While waiting a received a call. It was the a paramedic. They were with my son, we are just taking him to hospital……


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