Time to eat humble pie

Today was the day of his scan.humblepie-e1288647520854

It was good his appointment was for 8am, so an early start, no time for him to get too worked up and panicky.

His buddy picked him up and took him to the hospital.

I knew he was more concerned about this one than he usually is because he didn’t really know why they were doing it. He’s had numerous liver scans before, but this was different.

He messaged me later to say it was his appendix they were checking, call you later.

How ridiculous! He’s been admitted to hospital so many times in the last 6 months I’ve lost count. All due to alcohol but with varying symptoms. Sometimes its a really severe pain in his stomach which we were told was pancryitis (sorry if its spelt wrong) again due to the alcohol. What a waste of a scan I thought, there is nothing wrong with his appendix, the pain is from his pancreas as they have told us. Well I guess at least they would eliminate it.

He called this evening. They checked his appendix because last time he was admitted his appendix had shown signs of being inflamed. Oh, news to me! And it is still showing as being swollen and inflamed from the scan. It is OK to leave, nothing needs doing immediately, but if he suffers the pain again he is to go straight to A & E as it can flare up quickly.

Well, I think I need to eat a bit of humble pie. Unlike me, a doctor has decided to look beyond the obvious alcohol misuse symptoms, I could only see a the body and consequential illnesses of an alcoholic, he took a look at the whole picture, the whole person, something I’ve realised I have stopped doing.

So time to do a little reflecting and re-thinking. I think I have become obsessed with alcohol.

To be fair it has taken over more days than not, but, I must try to think beyond the box? think beyond the drink, otherwise I am letting it take over.

And after all, at the moment he is still sober 🙂 🙂

I would say how many days, but to me that doesn’t matter, I’m sorry for pre-judging and I must learn to listen a little more.


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