I must remember “one day at a time”

Well what a peaceful weekend.

I’ve had the time and energy for a few normal things. Its been busy as usual but good busy.

He came round on Saturday because he wanted his hair cut. Now I am not a hairdresser but owning some clippers has saved both my boys some money over the years. It’s good that he wants to tidy himself up. He has always been proud of his appearance and it has broken my heart when I have seen him looking such a mess in the past, this is the son I love showing himself again.

I called him this morning. I’m never sure if I should or not, I don’t want him to think I am checking on him, but I also know he probably wont speak too anyone else he knows today if I don’t.

It’s a lovely day so I suggest he catches the bus and goes for a walk along the coast. We are lucky that we live in a beautiful part of the country.

I get a rather negative response. OK his choice.

An hour later a get a message to say he is on the bus and “Yes it is a beautiful day” 🙂 I am happy he can enjoy it.

I go about my day, my elderly parents need a visit, a friend with a birthday and food needs to be bought.

When I get home he is there, that was a pleasant surprise “I’m waiting for my roast dinner” wonderful words to my ears from a son that sometimes goes weeks without eating. On these good days I am happy to feed him as much as he can eat.

It’s easy too become complacent. Easy too think this is how it will be from now on, I must remember, I must not get too hopeful, if I do I am only setting myself up for disappointment, I must be ready for the fall, I know it will come again.

I must remember “one day at a time” Today he is sober, I am grateful and happy for that.


2 thoughts on “I must remember “one day at a time”

  1. He is lucky to have you. As an alcoholic myself i didnt always have the best response to my mom checking on me but i appreciate everything she has done. From all of us alcoholics to everyone who has supported us thank you


  2. Awwwww thank you, us mums unfortunately suffer from an addiction also, and that’s our children, very difficult to switch off that worry button, I have tried believe me!
    I hope all is good with you.


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