Something to celebrate?

Gosh, a surprisingly quiet few days.

We did have another fall out. A meeting has been arranged, his hospital doctor, GP, his support workers and me, and his dad has also been invited this time. He is so lucky to be getting this long-awaited support, but, he is still angry, anger from the last meeting, we all attacked him, he was called a liar by his consultant, that was brave! I was brave enough to speak up, talk about the unmentionable. I broke his trust. He puts the phone down on me. I don’t try to call back or message him. I’m hurt, but the best of it was, he was sober.

So now this new meeting, so many people who are prepared to put time into helping him, it’s so sad that he thinks we all just want to hurt him, I guess that’s his lack of self-esteem. I’m worried he wont turn up and will let them down, more so he will let himself down, another reason to hate himself.

I message his buddy, explain the anger he has because I know he wont. She thanks me and will do what she can to smooth things.

So I have a little bit of peace, we have spoken today, the meeting not mentioned. He’s concerned about the upcoming scan, it’s a different one to the normal liver one. He’s concerned they have found something. I say wait and see.

It was a welcome surprise to hear him still sober, I’m proud.

I try not to think about him in his small room, alone as usual, he must be bored, that can’t help the cravings. I had offered to take him to a meeting, he refused, his choice.

So a pretty normal day and evening, hey! that’s something to celebrate. (But not too loudly)

And that’s it for today


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