The peace after the storm

I forget when I’m going through the chaos how peaceful and normal life is when all is OK.

4 days sober and life is settling again. I really love this son of mine, I wish he didn’t; have this daily struggle, he is such a gentle soul. He saw his grandparents today, I wish they didn’t have to hear about his struggles and bad times, but, they have learnt like I have to be grateful for the good times we share and today was a good day, he only saw them briefly but I was glad they could see him Ok

I’m hopeful that we will get another week at least, no Xmas and New year to get through, his support worker should be back on board also, so lots of support. There are so many opportunities he could take, what he really needs is a good few weeks sober.

I hope he can do it. I’m a little worried as he has a scan booked. So far his damaged liver has been fighting back. I know there will be a point when it is too late. I hope he finds his sobriety before he reaches that point.

Time for me for a while I hope.


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